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10 Minimalist Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

Ok, so the holidays are upon us and if you’re a sensible, practical human being, you’ve already sorted your gifting situation. But if you’re like the rest of us, procrastination has gotten the better of you and you still have some (if not all) of your gift list to cross off! No stressing, we’ve got you covered.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our shop, try this idea - give the gift of experience. Sure we sell awesome stuff, but material objects aren’t the only things that can make us happy, or show someone how much you care for them. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to give a loved one the opportunity to tick something off their bucket list, rather than a roll of socks? Not that there's anything wrong with socks. Another benefit to this minimalist approach is that with less junk, your giftee can welcome the new year with a clearer mind and a calmer soul. Ok enough hippie babble - here are 10 non-material, minimalist gift ideas for this holiday season.

Cheap Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel? With a little hunting, you can find and book cheap flights, bus or train tickets for domestic or even international travel. One great way to take yourself out of your normal routine is to take a weekend trip outside the city you’re currently based in. It’s a great way to get to know your area, relax and reset, and maybe even learn something new about yourself. Anyone can benefit from this, but make sure your giftee is into this as well. Whether it's an overnight bus, bullet train, or a quick flight, many travel companies offer very affordable rates for short-haul travel. And since this isn’t a common gift, you get bonus creativity points for thinking outside the box.


One thing that bugs me is when I speak to someone and find out that they’ve been to more places than I have in the country I’m from. Let’s raise awareness on this serious issue. Give your loved one the gift of staying in a nice hotel or even an Airbnb in their city. Tons of pro’s for this one - no need to travel long distance, someone else does the cleaning, the general feeling of being on holiday, and best of all - the opportunity to experience an area from a completely different perspective.

Course or Class

Self improvement is a good thing, and we should all strive for it. Think about it - your significant other’s cooking is...not the worst...and of course you want them to fully achieve their potential, right? Then what better way to say ‘your carbonara needs improvement’ than a voucher for an Italian cooking class? Or maybe your giftee yaps incessantly about trying aerial yoga but has never actually signed up for a class. There are lots of options out there and it doesn’t have to be a huge 10-course commitment; even an introductory workshop will do. Be it learning a musical instrument, martial arts, or even trying out a foreign language, learning something new will broaden one’s horizons and open the mind up to new and exciting perspectives on life.


After re-watching The Godfather movies recently, it dawned on me that one thing that always trumps the value of money is the simple, humble favor. You can never have too many of these in your back pocket, especially if they're from a reliable and trustworthy person. Not for the purpose of getting back at your ex by freaking them out with a bloody horse’s head under their sheets, of course - use these for the forces of good, and give them with the same intention. You can offer to clean their apartment, give an hour of massage, walk their dog for a week, or if you’re feeling really generous you can write a blank IOU and have your giftee decide your favor (or fate - just be sure you’re both on good terms).

Local Activities

Whether you live in a big city or a rural town, there’s probably a range of interesting things to do. Weekend/day trips, hiking, hot springs, VR games, escape rooms, movies, concerts, festivals, karaoke - your area will have its own unique mix of some (or all) of these. But while these activities are fairly common, it isn’t common to consider these as something to give someone as a present. So break the mold and tell your friends that for the holidays this year, you’re going to lock them in a room with a zombie chained to the wall and they have to escape in an hour or else they’ll be eaten alive. They'll love you for it. Or get back at you next year.


Of the museum, gallery, library, or similar - variety. If they are a history buff, an art lover, or an avid reader, these memberships can be an amazing present. It might sound boring but some museums and galleries offer valuable perks like entry to VIP lounges, exclusive access to exhibitions, first dibs on upcoming events, discounts to cafes and gift shops, etc. So it’s definitely not just for your run-of-the-mill nerdy bookworm friend. And if you’re nice to them they might just take you along.

Cloud-based Service Subscription

We are so connected to ‘the cloud’ these days it’s not even funny. For everything from fun stuff to productivity, we use ‘the cloud.’ And for services like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc., you have to pay for ‘the cloud.’ So it goes without saying that paying for someone’s subscription would make an incredible present, especially if they’re new to cloud-based subscriptions and have no clue that their life is about to undergo a drastic change indulging in dramas until 3 in the morning.

‘Of the Month’ Subscription

Clothes, candy, books, coffee, heck even booze - this subscription sends a shipment of your chosen type of item to your giftee, every month. As you can see, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I’ll be honest, these subscriptions seemed like a nice, wholesome idea at first but there are some weird ones out there (bones and underwear) that you can play with. I, for one, would enjoy seeing my giftee open their front door every month to receive anonymous crates of random animal skulls and human teeth.

Charity Donation

If your giftee is passionate about a particular cause, this present will fit them perfectly. With charities tackling issues in areas like animal welfare, eco-sustainability, poverty-stricken communities and social injustice, your donation will likely result in the betterment of something meaningful and relevant to our existence on this planet, which is an admirable thing. Unless your giftee’s charity is self-made with the aim of funding their 4th shopping trip to NYC this year.

Bucket List Activities

As we all know, life is short and it’s important to value and appreciate experiences, no matter how fleeting, before we move on to the next plane of existence. The time you jumped off a plane, swam with dolphins, lived in an ashram, or sailed the Mediterranean are completely priceless and can’t be replaced with money or material goods. So spread the love by getting to know your giftee’s bucket list items, zero in on one and come up with a plan to strike it off their list once and for all.

This list is by no means exhaustive so if these ideas don’t tickle your fancy, feel free to continue exploring - we hope you find your perfect gift(s).

Happy holidays!

Be healthy, safe, and happy.

Peace, HABIT.


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