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10 Weird Facts to Get You Amp’d for Halloween

Hey guys!

October is in full swing and that can only mean one thing...Halloween is just around the corner!

That’s right, it’s time to get creative and start brainstorming ideas to turn your humble abode into a fright-night-worthy haunted house, devising uncomfortably creepy activities for your party guests, and of course, let’s not forget about designing that all-important costume that would put even the most dedicated cosplayer to shame. If you went all-out last year, you have no choice but to top your efforts this year!

Excited yet? We are. To help get your juices flowing, here are 10 weird tidbits of info about Halloween.

1. Hootin’

During medieval times, owls symbolized witches and if you heard one, it meant someone was about to die. Yikes.

2. Spiders

If you see a spider on Halloween night, it means a loved one is watching over you. See? Halloween’s not all bad.

3. Inside-out

If you wear your clothes inside-out and walk backward on Halloween, you will encounter a witch at midnight. Check that you have your clothes on correctly before deciding to show off your moonwalking skills.

4. Bobbing for mates. I mean apples.

Young women used to mark apples for apple bobbing, and if a young man caught her apple, he would become the girl’s match. #couplegoals

5. Bone-fires

It’s called ‘bonfire’ because priests used to throw bones into large open-air fires. Whose bones? I don’t wanna know.

6. Mirror mirror

If a young woman stared into a mirror in a dark room on Halloween, she would see the face of her future spouse staring back at her. Or Candyman. Or Bloody Mary. Or the girl from the Ring. Let’s be careful with this one, shall we?

7. Now you see me.

During the ancient festival Samhain, the ancient Celts believed that disguising themselves as ghosts allowed them to walk unnoticed among the actual spirits wandering the earth. Hmm.. perhaps also something to test during a zombie apocalypse.

8. Witches

Did you know that the word ‘witch’ actually comes from the Old English word ‘wicce,’ which means ‘wise woman’? Unfortunately it’s not the same with the b-word version.

9. Harry Houdini

He died on All Hallows Eve in 1926 from appendicitis caused by three punches to the stomach. That’s another reason not to ignore your ab exercises!

10. Michael Myers = Captain Kirk??

To keep within budget constraints, in the movie Halloween (1978) the mask of Michael Myers was taken from a mask made for William Shatner’s character Captain Kirk on Star Trek. Now that would be an awesome crossover. (Speaking of masks - shameless plug - be sure to check out our Neon Party Halloween Glowing LED Cosplay Mask!)

There you have it, hopefully you’re not too freaked out and are now inspired to create!

Happy Halloween!

Peace, HABIT.


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