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Its all the RAGE this Season—Bamboo Woven Rattan Straw Bags *sigh* (we’re obsessed, we admit it, and our research on these bags has made our obsession worse!)

Let's dance and explore this hot trend together!

So, one of the most popular rages in fashion right now is the bamboo woven rattan straw bags. These bags are popping up everywhere, and in different countries, all over the world. One style of bag. Religiously worn by fashionistas and influencers in a multitude of fashion styles. We couldn’t stop seeing them. EVERYWHERE. Why? How? What? That’s when we put our thinking caps on and started to research.

Well, we found out that the bag is more about the fabric and texture than any big brand label that has been associated with the bag. Today, bamboo woven rattan straw bags only being associated with sand and surf is a passé. Now these bags have become a staple for warm weather and routinely accompanied with additional accessories or funkier styles. Yup, the classic basket versions are the eternal beauty, but there are also new additional types of bamboo woven rattan straw bags that are available in the market today which can make a fashion statement in itself.

These ultimate minimalist bags are chic, classy and can be paired with formals, smart-casuals or your everday super casual clothes. From oversized beach totes, and small easy-to-carry woven baskets initiating things off, handbag designers everywhere have adopted straw, wicker, rattan, and even bamboo into their collections.

Some more good news! Did you know that these bags are handwoven and encourage employment of women and small-medium business enterprises? We didn’t, and we were very delighted to learn of this juicy nugget! This is another added attraction on why these bags should be a part of your wardrobe and everyone you love’s wardrobe. By styling yourself with this super fashionable and classic staple bag, you are supporting women empowerment, satisfying the feminist in you, and, importantly, contibuting to the sustainbility of our envrionment, and thereby giving abundance gratitude to our Mother Earth Gaia. 

OK, OK, so what’s trending?

Well, glad you asked! Let’s have the look at what we have to offer! We have scoured the market to research the best and have found the best combination of:

 / minimalism;

 / sustainability;

 / ethically harvested materials;

 / non-toxic;

 / antibacterial and hypoallergenic;

 / environmentally friendly;

 / lovingly handcrafted;

 / supportive of small-medium businesse enterprises;

 and, of course pristine timeless style.

The bags showcased in our store are a definite must-have in every wardrobe, ready to accompany you everywhere you go this season, and a staple for a day at the Hamptons or at the beach! In particular, we love our top-selling Bali Island Handmade Woven Rattan Straw Bohemian Shoulder Crossbody Bag Collection (let’s call it the Bali Island bag), and the Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Bamboo Half-Moon Summer Vacation Handbag Handmade Woven Tote Bag (let’s call it the Organic Bamboo bag).

Bali Island Bags

The Bali Island bag (above) is extremely unique. It comes in an array of colours, woven patterns and shapes. Amazingly diverse enough to accent your unique style! It is an easy-to-carry cross body bag that accommodates your individual style for a summer day or night on the town.

Bali Island Bag

This minimalist bag is simply divine for those summer lovin’ summers and as a perfect match for any season—it effortlessly compliments all the essentials that you would ever want to take with you, from your wallet to make-up pouches, to those yummy organic raw macademia nuts and trail mixes! (*drool*… *nom* *nom* … sorry…) Ok, where were we...

Minimalist Bag

The Bali Island bag is essentially made from paper straw, with some styles having an adjustable strap with handle drop. They are extremely easy to carry and super stylish. This bag can be used both as a hand-held tote or across the body as a cross body bag, transforming it as a versatile warm-weather carry-all.

These bags are ideal for those casual outings with the girls or a date in a chic restaurant. The bag can be used for shopping and storing knick-knacks, making it a classic staple timeless fashion piece.

The Organic Bamboo bag (below) is gorgeously simple. We feel like its hollow nature creates an airy-fairy scrumptously easy-breezy feeling. The clutch comes in a range of colours, though our natural and black colours are the most popular.

Organic Bamboo Bag

This Organic Bamboo utilizes one of the strongest kinds of wild bamboo, which is famous among tribal natives, and its anitbacterial nature resist pests and decay.  

Bamboo Half-Moon Summer Vacation HandBag Hand made Bamboo Bag

The bag is worth mentioning because of the pristine locations from where the locals harvest bamboo, cut down strips, clean the bamboo methodically, and weave the bag beautifully into this super captivating shape.

It can easily dress up or down any outfit, and alongside you while you create beautiful memories with your loved ones, and the black colour (below) is simply divine for evening wear!

Bamboo Woven Rattan Bag

These bamboo woven rattan straw bags are ideal for gifts and totes compatible with any dress and occasion. There is no question that the bag is super sturdy (its made from bamboo!), and is definitely capable of carrying more than one can imagine. Trust us, we were shocked! Being fashionable is an added bonus. Make your statement (whether it be fashion, minimalism, sustainability, or women empowerment—or all!), stand-out in the crowd, look both elegant and effortlessly gorgeous—and get your Organic Bamboo handbag today! We look forward to serving you!

Want even more choices?

Spring into this Bohemian Summer with our entire range of Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Bamboo Woven Rattan Straw Handcrafted Bags and Clutches proudly showcased in our store. There are many (!) choices—they are extremely addictive and come in a variety of styles, shapes, colours and patterns. Some of our woven bags are also accented with vegan leather making them great evening party wear.

Each bag comes in different styles so please grab some lemon water, put on some music, and have a browse! We can go on and on, but ok, we hear you, we will stop rambling now. But seriously, have a look, we would love to hear your thoughts! J

Please let us know your comments on what you thought of this post! Do you have any tips and tricks on styling these bags, and how best to wear them? Where do you normally wear them or would like to wear them? Let’s keep the convo going, we look forward to connecting with you!

Peace, HABIT.

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