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Bags & Clutches

Humans are nomads, whether for a day (while you go to work), a year, or a lifetime. A bag or clutch must be able to effectively store our valuables, provide easy access, and be painstakingly durable (being beautiful is a plus!). Shop our functionally designed leather bags and party clutches, woven straw vacation bags, totes, waist, and chest crossbody bags for women - inspired by life, classics, streetwear, art and design, and only available exclusively online.

$68.77 $99.37

The All-Day and All-Night Manila Folder Envelope Clutch Purse

$183.99 $329.00

Yellow and Red Diagonal Stripe Leather Clutch/Bag

$183.99 $329.00

Vampire Red Leather Clutch/Bag

$172.99 $252.00

Classic Brown Leather Clutch

$126.99 $252.00

Alligator Leather Clutch

$183.99 $329.00

Monochrome Vertical Stripe Leather Clutch/Bag

$137.99 $252.00

Pink Leather Clutch/Bag