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Eyewear is your feed on all things eyeglasses and sunglasses (especially our top seller #cateye frames!). Eyeglasses can distort the world or make it clearer and brighter. Shop our carefully designed, tested, high-performing, and remarkably comfortable glasses uniquely built to perfect suit all face shapes; and play in our world with HD clarity. (Only available exclusively online.)


The Invisible Floating Rimless Frameless Gradient Tint Sunglasses


The Vintage Silent Black and White Movies Round Steampunk Metal Sunglasses

$62.68 $79.45

The Classic Retro Over Oversized Glasses Round Circle Stainless Steel Frame Mirror Sunglasses


The Retro Oversized Glasses Round Transparent Flat Stainless Steel Eyeglasses Frames


Classic Oversized Pilot Aviator Stainless Steel Eyeglasses and Night Vision Transparent Frames

$61.12 $76.42

The Halfsies Retro Cat Eyeglasses For Women's


Classic Round Sun Street Beat Unix Mirror Sunglasses


The Kaleidoscope Oversized Cat Eye Glasses Frames

$59.62 $85.57

The Metallic Super Cute Doll Tokyo Kawaii Cat Ears Myopia Stylish Frame Glasses

$47.38 $68.74

The Outdoor Lover Luxe Pilot Mirror Unisex Eyewear


The Wooden Nature Lover Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pilot Sunglasses


Find Your Dream Pair With The Squarish Cat Eyeglasses Frames


The Minimalist Round Stainless Steel Eyeglasses Frames


The Classic High Brow Retro Polarized Unisex Girls Sunglasses


The Vampire Unisex Retro Aluminum Polarized Vintage Sunglasses


The Cat Eye Vintage Reflective Flat Lens Designer Glasses Aviator