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Eyewear is your feed on all things eyeglasses and sunglasses (especially our top seller #cateye frames!). Eyeglasses can distort the world or make it clearer and brighter. Shop our carefully designed, tested, high-performing, and remarkably comfortable glasses uniquely built to perfect suit all face shapes; and play in our world with HD clarity. (Only available exclusively online.)

The Invisible Floating Rimless Frameless Gradient Tint Sunglasses

Regular price $67.27

The Vintage Silent Black and White Movies Round Steampunk Metal Sunglasses

Regular price $73.39

The Classic Retro Over Oversized Glasses Round Circle Stainless Steel Frame Mirror Sunglasses

Regular price $79.45 Sale price $62.68

The Retro Oversized Glasses Round Transparent Flat Stainless Steel Eyeglasses Frames

Regular price $58.06

Classic Oversized Pilot Aviator Stainless Steel Eyeglasses and Night Vision Transparent Frames

Regular price $58.06

The Halfsies Retro Cat Eyeglasses For Women's

Regular price $76.42 Sale price $61.12

Classic Round Sun Street Beat Unix Mirror Sunglasses

Regular price $59.62

The Kaleidoscope Oversized Cat Eye Glasses Frames

Regular price $68.77


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