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Silly Little Things

HABIT offers lifestyle products created with meticulous attention to detail, superior efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind. From the original back pain remover posture corrector, to corset waist shaper belt, to make-up eye stencil, to professional selfie phone light ring (and more!); this is your exclusive online shop for the best life-improving limited edition trending things you must buy now.

These gems are not only super useful but are so unique that we can't stop thinking about them. Have a browse through this diverse collection of tech gadgets and utility items, we are sure you will find something that you cannot believe existed, why you don't have it, and now you or your loved ones can never live without!

$214.12 $252.37

The Mrs. Captain Planet MACHINE-WASHABLE (!) Non-Toxic Recycled Totes Sustainable Environmentally-Friendly Minimalist Luxe Yoga Mat Pad

From $18.28 $53.47

The Best Magnetic Phone Mount for Cars


The Eco-Friendly USB Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Purifier Humidifier, AND 7 LED Colour Changing Night Light Ball of Wonder

From $38.17

The Broadway Show Magic Intelligent Touch Screen LED Adjustable Lights Mirror

From $68.77 $84.07

The Futuristic Eco-Friendly LED Temperature Sensor Colour Changing Water Saving Faucet Light


The Ultimate Fat Melter Posture Corrector Slimming Waist Trainer for Women


The Super Lazy Yet 360 Degree Flexible Phone Selfie Holder and Hanging Neck Stand


The Must-Have, Super Durable, and No-Nonsense Lightening Speed Fast Data Transmission USB Charging Cable For iPhone and iPad


3D Hollow Metallic Shimmer Butterfly Addictive Decor Party Wall Stickers (12 Pcs)

$45.82 $68.83

The LED Disco Portable Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


The Cute as a Button Mini Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

$53.53 $68.83

The Superwoman Chest Posture Corrector and Body Shaper

From $53.47

The 3D Print Rechargeable Twilight Werewolf Moon LED Touch Lamp Night Light

From $68.83

The Even Tinier Mini Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

$53.46 $68.77

The Most Convenient Selfie Enhancing Profesh Light for a Girls Night Out

$38.23 $47.41

The All-Too-Cool Nordic Inspired Super 2-in-1 Stainless Steel Spoon and Clip

From $68.80

The Super Minimalist Double Insulated Glass Mugs

From $53.47 $84.07

The Love Mugs

$30.58 $79.45

The One and Only Epic Purse Organizer Insert Bag

$48.91 $73.33

The Eco-Friendly Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser


Silly Whale or Shark Anti-Bacterial Waterproof Non-Slip Grip Stickers

$42.79 $61.09

The LED Under Cabinet Universal Wardrobe Light and Inner Hinge Lamp for Closet


The Sensitive Night Light