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The “SLASHIE AWARD” VIP Luxe Collection

Do your #magnum or #bluesteel look in these raw luxe 100% buttery soft leather classic statement bags and clutches that are just the perfect sizes, and look ridiculously #reallyreallygoodlooking! These bags are locally designed and handmade so each piece is a one of the kind artistic beauty. These artistic pieces make for great gifts, party wear, and are made to last for years to come! The unique vegetable tanned leather ages gracefully and smells wonderfully divine. But remember, as this wise actor slash model (and not the other way around!) said, there is more to life than being ridiculously good looking - after all, we have a bunch of missions to conquer this New Year #2020, isn’t it?🥂(Derek #Zoolander)

$259.99 $405.00

Metallic Copper Leather Bag

$152.99 $291.00

Small Leather Polka Dot Box Bag

$183.99 $329.00

Monochrome Vertical Stripe Leather Clutch/Bag

$172.99 $252.00

Classic Brown Leather Clutch

$198.99 $344.00

Alligator White Leather Bag

$183.99 $329.00

Vampire Red Leather Clutch/Bag

$137.99 $252.00

Pink Leather Clutch/Bag

$183.99 $329.00

Monochrome Diagonal Stripe Leather Clutch/Bag

$228.99 $405.00

Minimal Brown Leather Shoulder Bag

$259.99 $405.00

Metallic Gold Leather Bag

$228.99 $405.00

Classic Strong Black Leather Bag

$126.99 $252.00

Alligator Leather Clutch