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We believe in environmentally sustainable design. We believe fashion that captures the natural beauty of organic materials should be celebrated. One such material is leather.

Leather is bio-degradable, organic and unique; each cut of hide is a celebration of its distinct characteristics.

Vegetable-tanning of leather is an old-school artisanal craft that takes advantage of the tannic acids found naturally in some plant species and other vegetable matter (e.g., barks, branches, leaves, fruits and roots). This natural and environmentally friendly process combines fashion with classic tradition. Time is key in this process—taking around a month and a half to develop raw hides into durable, versatile and unique pieces of vegetable-tanned leather.

The allure of vegetable-tanned leather is that versatility and luster is not comprised with age. Each piece of vegetable-tanned leather is inevitably different to another. Vegetable-tanned leather darkens with exposure to sun, natural oils from your hands and body, etc., and moisture.

In addition, the use of paint on the leather provides another interesting element. The leather caramelizes with age specific to its owner's use. The result is a beautiful texture and colour, which is as unique to the bag as is its owner. This makes for a very personal product that will evolve and mature along with you.


Product Care

Some basic instructions: (1) store the leather bags in a cool, dry area so that they can get some good shut-eye; (2) avoid spraying perfume or hairspray on leather; (3) allow damp leather to dry naturally; (4) do not use direct heat or an electric dryer; and (5) clean leather with a dry wool cloth.

Loved leather is happy leather. Use your bag with love and care on your adventures, and it will in turn thank you by aging beautifully with grace!


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We provide FREE Standard Worldwide Shipping on orders over $75 USD, unless stated otherwise on a product. For orders under $75 USD we provide Standard Shipping priced at $7.95 USD. Your order is lovingly packaged, insured and shipped. Estimated delivery times are between 5 to 25 days depending on the country of destination.

All orders will be dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days. In peak periods please allow for up to 6 business days for dispatch. We will notify you with the shipping confirmation once your order ships.

*All shipping times exclude clearance/customs delays.

Please note that the customer assumes responsibility for any custom fees that may be incurred incurred from imported products. Once the package leaves the departure country, it is essentially in the hands of the destination country's custom and postal service.

Due to extremely high demand, orders may take up to 3 weeks to arrive to your home. Please be patient, we are doing our very best to fulfill every order that we receive!


Refund Policy

We provide 30 Days Money Back Guarantee! No stress, no worries, just pure happiness! 

We would like you to have a blissful experience with us, and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy and 100% satisfied! Our team is happy to assist you.

Please contact us via to notify us of your intent to return a product, or if you simply have any questions at all. Please provide us with pictures detailing the problem/issue as well as a description, or your question. Please note that we do not provide a refund on the return shipping costs. 

Kindly note that a number of our products (e.g. in the Bags & Clutches collection) are handmade, thus, there are slight variations in each product. These variations are stylistic beauties and give the product its own very unique personality, and do not affect the function of the product in anyway. 


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